About the song:

A few years ago I was studying a form of martial arts. 

My teacher, Ronny Chuung, was an amazing practitioner from China. He had learned the art form from his father and uncle.

Ronny said there was only one condition to him being taught the art form: He would one day teach a student to be a master like him, like his father & his father’s father.

I’m not sure if Ronny has done that. I was never much good at it myself. But I enjoyed the challenge. And I loved watching him as a master of the craft.

I remember we were talking about music one day while he was training me. Ronny loved great music. Music that is 50 years old & has stood the test of time. He said that the great jazz musicians were like great martial artists. The art itself knew no boundaries. There are no endings in the movement. And, rhythm is the key.

He never really wanted to teach us how to punch or kick. He wanted us to be immersed in the rhythm. To be in sync. To push the boundaries.

The rhythm I saw in his movement was like nothing I have seen. I think I often went to class just to watch him. It is like poetry in motion.

It was Timeless.