14 October, 2020

EP: 4 Tracks

About the EP:

As this pandemic hit last year, I began recording lots of piano music. The first batch of songs went on to become FACE - my album with Danny Widdicombe.

Then, during the months of June & July, 2020, I set about recording another batch. I recorded around 30 pieces of music. Some are 30 second diddies, some are 5 minute songs.

Amongst these songs was an EP I recorded with the intention of an October release.

But one night in August, as I sat at home watching the news, my heart completely broke. Like many around the world, I watched footage of the explosion in Beirut.

Just as the country was accepting their pandemic situation, their capital Lebanon went through the unthinkable - a massive explosion that destroyed everything in its path.

The next day, I went into the studio. I was listening to the music I had been recording. 3 of the songs sounded like they belonged together - I Wish I Knew, Italian Lunch & We Fell Apart.

I decided to record one more song, and dedicate it to the people of Beirut.

These were black days. I hope this music can help to heal & uplift the spirit.